You would be so proud of Lola [a black labradoodle] she goes w[ith] me to the nursing home and does great!!! 

~Lorena Centurion-Wilkerson


I just have to brag about my little angel Louisa [schnauzer Service Dog]...people ask me all the time how is it that your dog is so well behaved?? I cant believe this is the same stressed out little insane dog I had once before!

~Maria Sol Pamilla


I was on the verge of giving away my dog due to bad obedience. Kristen is amazing and has a way with animals! She taught me so much! I don't know what I would have done without her if she hadn't been a part of training my dogs!

~Rebeccca Schwarzbach
Problem Dogs

From puppy training, problem pooch solving and Service and Therapy Dog performance certification, we can guide and develop better behavior, stronger bonds.

Kristen Craig, trainer, has more than forty years  of experience working with all types of creatures, from elephants to tigers to dogs. Using positive reinforcement, we can bring the best manners with the greatest joy.

Top Tier Dog Training staff endeavors to assure that:

No One needing an assistance canine should be denied for lack of funds, available training or suitable candidate canine.

No One wanting their dog to remain in the home should feel they cannot attain good behavior for lack of time.

No dog should be unable to find a home.

Education is the key, not just in training the pet and pet family, but to raise awareness for the pet community.

A loved pet is spayed or neutered, unless he or she is award winning as an example of breeding and performance.
A loved pet is properly trained and cared for.
A loved pet merely needs to understand boundaries and to have a job, whether that is to share comfort, to protect or to become part of service and therapy for the loving humans.

Service & Therapy

Basic & Puppy

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More Reviews:

Kristen is an extremely knowledgeable and professional pet trainer. I was privileged to have her as a speaker at the first Pet Education Seminar. She explains animal psychology and pet training in good common sense terms and shows you innovative ways to communicate your needs to your pet.

~Judy Macomber, editor of Petlovers Publication